Cut Down Electricity Bills by Using Solar Panels

Installing Solar PanelsNowadays, homeowners are increasingly becoming conscious of energy issues. Stories concerning changes in climate have been all over news for decades, and there are several changes that a homeowner can make to ensure that his/ her home goes green. It is generally known that solar panel installation in homes is a step that will have great positive impacts to the environment. Moreover, solar panels also save energy in the long run.

With continuing development in technology, home installations of solar panels have been made much easier than one can ever imagine. These panels essentially work to collect and retain the sun ray heat and convert them into energy that you can use for various purposes at home. With Newcastle solar panels, there is virtually no carbon released into the environment, and therefore it’s one of the cleanest energy sources available.

So, how does solar power help us save energy?

Solar Lighting and Heating

Direct sunlight remains the sole source of light and heat although there is always need to supplement sometimes or in places where there is no consistent sunlight. Artificial heating and electric lighting are indeed very easily controlled and convenient that most people usually forget how much they depend on sunlight. Offices and homes that are designed to make good use of passive Newcastle solar lighting and heating really lower the need for extra energy.

Solar Electricity

Photovoltaic cells often come to peoples’ minds when they think about solar energy. They form electrical current from sun energy and have an efficiency of approximately 15%-20%. This may not be especially impressive but if you put into consideration the fact that solar panels trap energy that would have otherwise heated the ground or may get reflected off into space, you will probably realize that each and every solar energy watt is actually a watt saved.
Some of the main advantages of solar systems as a form of alternative energy therefore include:

Convenient and Efficient

The convenience comes from the fact that all you need is continuous sunlight, which is naturally available. This energy source is an effective method of generating electricity in desert places or islands, which have no power lines or source of electricity one can tap into, and also have no means of transportation as well. Newcastle solar systems can be set in such places as well as in other similarly remote and less developed places as there is no need for transportation or arranging for massive power plant construction.

Clean, Green Power

When you examine solar energy system from all fronts – production, functioning and impact, you will realize that there is absolutely no emission of gases, chemicals, debris, smoke or noise as a by-product from the system. This in essence means that your environment remains unaffected as the system is operating. Apart from being a pollution-free system, Newcastle solar power panels are also a silent means of power generation.

How Many Solar Panels Do You Need?

A photovoltaic system that is used to power a house has an average power of between 3,000 watts and 5,000 watts depending mainly on how big your house is and the amount of sunlight you receive. The solar panel number relies on the amount of electricity you consume and the amount of sunlight received. The more the number of solar panels you have, the higher the cost and efficiency of the entire system.